Vehicles From Images

Re-creating lost automobiles

A niche of a niche area. Having gained critical acclaim for creating one car from a single image, 3D Engineers has proven ability. A number of cars have been created in the real world from our reverse imagery designs

Out of everything you can view on this website, creating cars from images is the most difficult. Why? Because there are so many variables that require solving and it involves in-depth knowledge of many programs and plugins for the same. Then you have the quality of the image. Converting images to a real-world goal is at the deep end of Computer Aided Design (CAD) reverse engineering. Having created several designs from images only and over the years has worked extensively to successfully develop innovative methods to get an image into a real-world design.

Create a car design from only a picture?

Yes. A few pictures are ideal. Not all pictures are suitable. This aspect of our work is not conceptual. We want a vehicle made and enjoyed.

Blending many techniques and programs for success

Blending the art of reverse engineering a picture with the requirements of real-world manufacturing. We combine knowledge, experience, programs, hardware and software to enable a solution.

A finished design created in the real world

Real world manufacturing requirement. These four words necessitate a focussed talent set, including experience, the study of manufacturing and the ability to find a supplier that can get a design created.