Reverse Engineering The Scene

Visiting and recording the site of the picture was essential

Photogrammetry and scaling from parts is provably good. However, we went the extra mile, literally, and surveyed the scene to compare against vehicle CAD.

Incredibly, it appears that only two people ever visited, or perhaps declared they had visited, the site of the photograph. The site being the junction of Vere Street and Oxford Street.

If you ever go there, you will find that it appears much larger than in the photograph.

Additionally, by visiting the scene shadows and reflections, for example, can be observed and recorded. Further sub mysteries nailed.

3D scanning was deployed to record the areas of Oxford Street and Vere Street essential to the resolution of the scale and placing of vehicles and street architecture.

Was this scorched earth approach necessary to try and solve the car mystery? Well, it was an interesting experience in validating what we thought we knew in some online battle with naysers and internet warriors. However, as the conclusion is the same as it was four years ago, 2022 back to 2018, it is clear that all that was required was a trial download of a particular program and watching some YouTube videos on the technique and feature to use to match the image to a camera.


Frankly, the photogrammetry got us to where we needed to be back in June 2018. However, it was a useful exercise to 3D scan and take all the other steps to verify the initial study.

The misuse of CAD based methods

CAD can be like the dark side of the force. Quicker, easier, more seductive. Unless it is treated with respect and with the knowledge to ensure data is interpreted correctly with tolerances factored in it can lead to some startlingly bad results.

Software and hardware to solve this mystery. Was it necessary?

Allied to the comment regarding CAD misuse, it required three expensive programs and much expensive hardware all working with each other to get manipulate the CAD and come to a resolution. However, it could have been done with no computer at all.