3D Engineers

About | 3D Engineers was founded in 2007 by Stuart Brown.

A key goal is to be the most efficient supplier in our chosen competencies. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing theme. As an example, one of the few people to be awarded Certified Solidworks Expert status (CSWE). The best accreditation Solidworks offer. Approximately 6324 users, including those within the Solidworks organization, out of a total of six million total users, only 0.1% of the total, had attained this qualification in June 2022.

Courses both in person and online have been undertaken regularly in all key areas of the software and hardware that 3D Engineers use.

Just about everything on this website, apart from a minimal amount of illustrative visuals, has been created by 3D Engineers.

It is unlikely that you can find a business for your project that has as much experience, academic achievement and positive press coverage in the fast-moving world of 3D scanning and CAD design than 3D Engineers.

In 2024 we created a bespoke car design and car body buck business called Forte Vision.

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