From helicopters to large transport aircraft.

A true aviation enthusiast, having passed Helicopter PPL(H). Have undertaken numerous aviation scans of many types and sizes, often in remote and difficult working locations, such is the nature of military and private airfields

Scanning air and rotorcraft presents numerous scanning issues that frequently require experience to solve. 3D Engineers has provable experience in this specialist area, with the skills, hardware and software to resolve. Practical issues, such as location, are resolved as the equipment used is portable. Having the ability to move the initial scan data from the raw point cloud to a manufacturable item ensures that you, the client, is not left in the position of having to pass data between people with different skill sets with the delays and cost implications this brings. We can “own” your project until handover.

Experienced in this specialist area

Many fixed wing and rotorcraft already 3D scanned. Can capture individual parts and assemblies. 3D Engineers analyse your requirement and choose the best process to fulfil project objectives and goals.

3D Engineers can come to you

Equipment being portable ensures that expensive transportation is not required. A client can also send scan subject(s)to 3D Engineers. If required can convert to a Computer Aided Design (CAD) object.

Your aviation scan can be processed through to manufacture sign-off

3D Engineers is award-winning, with qualifications supporting experience. Point cloud post-processing and CAD capability are extensive. This enables us to handle your project through to manufacture sign-off.

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