Extensive, provable 3D car scanning experience

Quite possibly the most experienced 3D vehicle scanning company on the planet with well over a hundred cars scanned. Cars from the rarest and most expensive on the planet, to brand new Ferrari and on to the humble Austin Mini Cooper.

The automotive experience in 3D scanning that 3D Engineers have is difficult to put into words as it is so extensive. Over a hundred cars. The rarest cars on the planet recorded including 2x Ferrari 250 GTO, 2x Cobra Daytona Coupe, Alfa Romeo 8C, AC Cobra, 2x Aston Martin Zagato, Bugatti Type 35 along with numerous experience with Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Ferrari and classic British cars. Our scans have been used as the data to record the Americas most important cars in their National Historic Vehicle Register, scanned many automotive car chassis. The body of work created in the last decades includes awards won against competition such as Aston Martin Works, world 1st having created a complete Bugatti Type 35 in Computer Aided Design (CAD). This work does not just end with a scan. Many original designs created from 3D Engineers scan data. Data that has helped create some cars featured in prestigious worldwide circulation car magazines and the front covers.

Selective parts of cars, such as fenders and bumpers, can be scanned and restyled for body kits and specialist versions.

Well over one hundred cars already scanned

Scanning a car covers many different requirements from the recording of a single panel to scanning a complete car for insurance purposes. Experience saves you, the client, money.

Many designs now made in the real world

Over one hundred cars and innumerable parts made in the real world with the assistance of 3D Engineers scanning services. Fit, tooling method, 3D printing and stacking errors within your design brief considered to ensure success.

Specialist in 3D scanning anywhere on the planet

3D Engineers experience has recorded cars, such as the Cobra Daytona Coupe, for the United States of America National Historic Vehicle Register to a genuine AC Cobra in Berlin. Please give us your 3D scanning challenge.

This Car Matters -3D Scans Undertaken for

U.S. Department of the Interior, Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) to Assist archiving in USA Library of Congress

Almost any Automobile can be

3D Laser Scanned by 3D Engineers

Bespoke Vehicle?

3D Scanning Records Shape in Case the Worst Happens

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