Legacy Part Conversion

Proven and extensive reverse engineering experience

Have an item in your armory without any original plans and need to re-manufacture it, for example? Legacy part conversion provides the solution for this. We take the old and give you the power to create it anew. Have had hundreds of historical items reverse-engineered.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been a force for good in creating legacy parts and assemblies: time and money are saved and results often drive more effective Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacture. However, CAD quite likely creates parts that, to use one of our favorite phrases, look like they ‘dropped off the planet CAD’ yesterday. In our view, this is simply wrong, and one of the failures of an otherwise superb method of working. Any reverse engineering, if done properly, it is believed, should reflect the original method of manufacture. Signs revealing an original part may include, for example, parting lines, surface variation and fillets or radii. All these considerations ensure your part, when fitted, looks in-keeping in situ. It looks like it came from, for example, 1908 and not current times.

Additionally, our methods differ from most other businesses offering this kind of service, in that as well as having the experience and qualifications to undertake your requirement; 3D Engineers is not wed to one method. There is a reason why the 3D Engineers name does not include 3D scanning or CAD design in it, although being skilled in these processes it could have happened. The 3D Engineers business process is to get from design brief to completed project using the most effective method.

As built is not necessarily as drawn

It is important to understand that items, as built, will differ from the original drawing(s). Therefore, 3D Engineers works with clients to ensure mission-critical features are not lost.

Range of processes possible to attain successful conversion

It is impossible to assess the correct reverse engineering method without seeing a part and understanding your requirement. Having the ability to use numerous methods, from the 'Mk1' tape measure through to sophisticated scanning equipment, 3D Engineers can mix and match methods to create the most effective formula for your project.

Can reverse engineer to look “period”

Having a vintage automobile, for example, and fitting it with a reverse engineered part that looks like it was created on the 'planet CAD' yesterday is not the way 3D Engineers work. Due respect is given to stamping, variation, parting lines and surface inconsistencies, to name but a few. This attention to detail avoids having an incongruous part fitted.

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