Historic Items

Scanning is non-contact to preserve your item

Whether it is a car, house or even a stone tablet, 3D Engineers has the capability to complete your project

3D scanning of items of historic interest ranges from listed buildings, musical instruments and furniture to stones and vehicles, in fact almost anything that can be thought of. 3D Engineers’ scanning methods are non-contact. It is not unknown for items to be in the middle of nowhere and therefore lacking a power supply. It is possible to overcome this problem. Having a range of equipment available ensures that the most appropriate method is always used to record your history. As usual, data can be post-processed to your required outcome or supplied in a raw form. Being transportable, our scanning service is available worldwide.

We do the difficult work

Non-contact laser scanning required? Outside with no power? There are numerous other difficult 3D scanning scenarios that 3D Engineers can do that other businesses cannot.

Can record items wherever they are in the world

Worldwide service without a problem. 3D Engineers’ 3D scanning equipment is portable and has been used abroad on many occasions.

Data at any stage of post-processing possible

It could be that you have Computer Aided Design (CAD) capability but no 3D scanning facility, in which case 3D Engineers can solve the scanning and scan post-processing (if required) element of the process for you.

Historic Items can Also be Photographed

Professional Photographers Available

3D Scans can be Colorized

Additional Camera Available to Improve on Scanner Camera

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    Watch a video about brexit

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