Solidworks contractor

Provable skills and Solidworks accreditation

Fifteen years of using Solidworks. Current and continuous licence since 2006. Licenced Solidworks is Premium. The most comrehensive version. Most CSWP qualifications obtained. CSWE qualification obtained. Our speed of work can be often be triple an average user. Best practice employed and the difficult stuff like surfacing a speciality.

Engineering and design requires a multi-disciplined approach. Typically a program in isolation won’t achieve the desired outcome.

From starting with the raw data and onwards to the finished goal, the knowledge of benefits and disadvantages for each part of the design process is essential. Amongst other things, it requires a knowledge of stacking errors, materials, production processes and traditional 2D drawing.

3D Engineers provides an award-winning service. Has been in business for over a decade. Has provable ability backed up by many qualifications in the CAD space.

Businesses often say that no job is too small, but in our case the limit is how long a contract is for. Our maximum is one month. This is a normal Solidworks user’s three months, so please don’t be put off by a timescale. Reason for time limit is taxation rules and our own temperament. We constantly strive for new challenges.

Additionally, although we have the ability for FEA and undertaking manual calculations, this is a specialist area where our competency is not of a sufficient level to charge people for the skill. Hence, we do not undertake FEA work.

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