All aspects of building 3D scanning undertaken

Having scanned everything from the Washington Monument (169 metres tall), to a stone fireplace and historic thatched listed buildings, 3D Engineers can achieve your building scanning aim. Scanning in three dimensions can be undertaken to assist Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is popular and often required as a method for construction professionals to manage new and existing buildings and infrastructure. 3D scanning assists this effort by gathering large amounts of 3D data quickly, allowing measurement and visualisation of present and predicted or planned work. Scanning in color, as well as panoramic photography, is also available. 3D Engineers’ work also includes the scanning of core rails of large sweep staircases, pipe recording, fireplaces, recording of potentially unsafe structures for monitoring purposes (regular monitoring can be arranged) and much more. The equipment used is portable and in some cases it does not require an external power source. Remote and large sites can also be accommodated. 3D scanning additionally assists room and kitchen design, for example, as the empty space that needs to be populated by fitted kitchen, bedroom or living room furniture can be recorded and the furniture designed around a more accurate representation of the design space than was available before.

Multi-equipment approach gives the best results for our clients

Just as a carpenter would not turn up with only a chisel. 3D scanning requires a range of scanning equipment as each has different capabilities. This fact, coupled with the skill to use different methods, ensures the best result is obtained.

Staircases and recording of product groups a speciality

3D scanning core rails in order to make handrails undertaken. Require a range of products converted to CAD designs? Having successfully converted, for example, many concrete garden molds into CAD, 3D Engineers has the experience to complete your project.

Can supply everything from raw scan data to a fully completed Computer Aided Design (CAD) model

Have a Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirement? 3D Engineers' scanning experience enables you to fulfil this requirement all the way through to CAD model(s).

Building 3D Scan Video

Scans can be Colorized if Required

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