Trains, Trams & Traction Engines

All types of locomotives and railway rolling stock 3D scanned

Rail, tram and associated rolling stock 3D Scanned. Previous experience in 3D laser scanning railmotors, trams, trains and rolling stock. Scale model creation a speciality.

Rolling stock of all types 3D scanned. Steam, electric, diesel and Maglev can have data collected in this manner. Working in freight and railway sidings is not an issue. Some equipment usable away from the power grid. Useful considering the size of many rolling stockyards. Equipment is light enough to be placed on roofs. Scanning of rolling stock internals, including carriage interiors is also within capability. Panoramic photography and colour scans are also available if required. Being portable we can undertake work anywhere on the planet. As an aside, ambition is to scan a classic steam engine in India. If you have this project requirement, then a cost price deal is available!

From a complete locomotive to a single part

From a multi-engine train containing multiple carriages through to assemblies, such as a bogie, through to a single part. 3D Engineers has the experience to complete your project.

Variety of scanning equipment available

A mechanic would not turn up with just spanners. Any committed 3D scanning company would have the ability to use different scanning and equipment processes. 3D Engineers possess this capability.

Verify your design

Comparing a 3D laser scan against the “as built” item is a way of both maintaining quality control and recording and then amending existing plans to reflect reality.

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