Legacy Drawings Converted

Qualified Solidworks drawing expert

Well over one thousand legacy drawings have already been converted by 3D Engineers using a multi-disciplined approach to complete them. Incomplete drawings can often be in-filled. Converting drawings in foreign nomenclature is not a problem.

In our experience, legacy drawings fall into two camps: either easy or complicated and difficult. What makes it easy? Few dimensions and the design clearly showed and complete. What makes it difficult? For example, numerous dimensions requiring the knowledge of drawing conventions, poor copy and missing dimensions and features. It would be a lie to say that 3D Engineers has every answer, but, having converted over a thousand historical drawings, our skill is proven. Additionally, necessity means we have methods within our toolbox to reveal features within a drawing that most objective opinions would class as lost. Furthermore, by leveraging what we have as opposed to moaning about what is not there, success can often be obtained from something considered a lost cause.

Over one thousand drawings already converted to CAD

3D Engineers had a baptism of fire, as almost the first project was converting many hundreds of Bugatti plans to modern 3D parts and plans. Having such a volume of information to process led to sourcing and innovating many time and money saving creative solutions that clients benefit from to this day.

Partial data and foreign languages no problem

It is not unusual to have a situation where several plans have been lost through age and poor storage with data perceived vital to the intended and necessary completed whole. 3D Engineers has developed techniques to give you, the client, the best chance of salvaging a success from this type of situation.

Conversion to virtually any 2D or 3D file

Every conversion has a purpose. It could be as simple as creating a new, complete and “clean” 2D version of an old drawing to a full 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD). In both examples, 3D Engineers can create output in almost any file type required.

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