3D scanning at your place or ours. Pointcloud post-processing. Retopology of scan and mesh data. Complex surfacing to CAD.


Numerous bucks of most types completed over the last fifteen years. Delivered all over the planet. From a wing buck to a full body buck for the rarest of vehicles.


Short term specialist help for individuals and businesses that have a Solidworks problem. Specialist task like Surfacing resolved or simply some short term heavy lifting to get a project completed on time.
Our experience and investment in software, hardware and training comes to your rescue.
IR35, a UK taxation rule, does not apply to our work for your business as we have multiple clients, only undertaken short-term contracts, do not use a service company, determine our own working hours, do not work on-site (except for site meetings) and, working within your requirements but determine ourselves how this work will be undertaken.

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Our Clients

Having worked for some of the most prestigious clients in the world, visited for projects the most exclusive collections, museums and places, 3D Engineers have collected numerous testimonials. However, this website, press coverage, qualifications and experience speak for themselves, and therefore every testimonial is anonymized as 3D Engineers value the most humble and low-value project as much as a project for a billionaire or celebrity. Our testimonials reflect this. Therefore we do not add names as this would give some testimonials greater weight than others. Every project is treated equally and with enthusiasm.