Routing – Pipes -Tubes- Cables

Reverse Engineering Process Handled from Start to Finish

2D plans, 3D scan data, physical parts and images can all be reverse engineered. 3D Engineers use the most effective method, from the traditional, such as a tape measure, to as modern as a 3D laser scan or scans, to complete your project.

3D Engineers is best known for 3D laser scanning and CAD design. However, an important consideration in our armory is a healthy respect for traditional methods of working. If a tape measure and sketch get the information that you require from us, as opposed to 3D scanning, there is a win, win situation: You, the client, get work completed more quickly and at less cost and 3D Engineers proves, yet again, that recommending the most appropriate method as opposed to blindly going a route, for example, 3D scanning, will produce the best result for you.

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