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Many projects undertaken from scanning for aerodynamic analysis, re-creation of classic racing cars and matching existing designs to potential new concepts and much else

3D Engineers’ scanning ability has been reported in a number of motoring magazines. Our skills in this field have been used to record classic racing cars in the most prestigious of environments and are award-winning. Aero testing data can be provided, along with the ability to create a “water tight” Computer Aided Design (CAD) model if required. Having scanned numerous racing cars and classic racers our experience is extensive.

The 3D data collected can additionally be used to create bucks and parts and, being skilled in this area, 3D Engineers is more than willing to assist if required and, once again, extensive skill is backed up with qualifications.

Motorsport is fast-moving and 3D Engineers develops techniques to fit new challenges

Motorsport is fast moving and so is the world of 3D scanning along with the processes and equipment surrounding it. 3D Engineers allocates time for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), so new techniques are found and adopted, constantly improving the end deliverable.

Solutions available for all budgets

What might suit a top-flight Formula 1 team may not suit a Clubman racer. 3D Engineers has solutions for most budgets.

Tight 3D scanning deadlines are not a problem

For example, call received from central Italy on a Thursday afternoon requiring a classic car scan as a matter of urgency. Sunday morning and we are on site scanning. Data delivered the next Tuesday. Achieving the timescale thought impossible with 3D Scanning is often required and managed to a successful conclusion.

Classic Car Aero Simulation

Prevost From 1924 Aerodynamically Tested

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