How we do it

Bespoke Cars Handled from Start to Finish

CAD Car blends traditional technology with modern techniques to ensure your car build exceeds your expectations.

Having experienced numerous car builds over the last fifteen years, a common theme has been delay and costs overruns. Every single project we have undertaken has been done for a fixed price and then passed on to, typically, a restorer.

Therefore, it has been disheartening to touch base with clients years later and find their project is still ongoing and the cost estimate given by the restorer has been wrong by often multiples of two or three.

This situation will not be happening at CAD Car as each stage is costed and agreed in advance. Client changes are quoted separately. Inflation is taken account of, with increases due to inflation only coming in to play if it, inflation, breaches 10%.

Regarding time, whenever we have had a time overrun it has been due to the client or another client we have had when running projects in parallel asking us to do further work, or changing designs. This has a time impact that affects everyone. Therefore, we now operate a sausage factory method and any changes are quoted for and re-introduced into our project system so that it does not cause delays to other client projects. This is one of the reasons we create a detailed design brief at the project outset.