Traditional Drawing

High-tech and low-tech methods fulfil your drawing requirements

Becoming something of a lost art, the production of traditional drawings can be professionally done by 3D Engineers to your precise specifications and chosen drawing standard. Having studied over a thousand drawings, traditional drawing methods and with the Solidworks Advanced Drawing Tools qualification, 3D Engineers is ideally equipped and experienced to complete all your technical drawing requirements.

It is a sad truism that most 3D CAD users have very little knowledge of traditional drawing methods. In fairness, why should they when modern techniques generally require a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) model to be the required output? However, plans and drawings have their place, and alongside its 21st Century capabilities, 3D Engineers has the utmost respect for the old school way of working and can see many benefits. For example, a drawing shows in clear relief the detail that is sometimes lost when viewing a 3D image on the screen. It also assists manufacture and reduces the possibility of error, as a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) operative can visualize the required goal. 3D Engineers has studied many old, as in 100 years plus, textbooks on technical drawing to comprehensively complement its proven pro-computer methods.

Trained in traditional drawing techniques

Although a technology-led business, 3D Engineers acknowledges the need for traditional drawings. To this end, 3D Engineers is trained in the “old” methods as well as the new and therefore understands requirements outside the new method of sending a 3D part to manufacture, often without any drawing.

Advanced drawing examination passed

In line with our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) policy and our provable ability policy, your drawing will be undertaken by a person qualified in the Solidworks Advanced Drawings Tools specialism.

Drawings to your required standard

Drawings can be personalised with your company logo and any other information required. Your drawing standard can be imported into Solidworks to ensure compliance with pre-existing data, plans and drawings, then easily saved as a template for future use too.

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