Insurance Purposes

Preserve your assets for any insurance or archiving purpose.

3D scanning is a very effective way of recording irreplaceable items and site layouts for insurance purposes. Color or black and white 3D recordings provide measurable, provable data

3D scanning is effective as an insurance policy in the face of a catastrophic event, such as fire or accident, where the recording of a shape is required. Experienced in scanning all kinds of sizes and types of subject, from cars to listed buildings and from massive items such as buildings to tiny items, such as toys, 3D Engineers is ideally placed to undertake this recording for you. 3D scanning enables you to record and then “park” the 3D data for use in the future as required, though you may decide to use it for additional purposes in the shorter term, like creating a 3D model of a favourite item for example. Talk this through with us, so that the data is captured with any possible uses taken into due consideration. An insurance policy could also be defined as having the opportunity, with permission, to 3D laser scan a rare item so that you have the data captured in order to re-create at a later date.

Proven ability

Having scanned literally hundreds of items, in all kind of environments and many countries, 3D Engineers has an ability to record most things

Insurance company 3D scanning work sought

Insurance company requiring scan data to record a classic car, state of a building at a particular point in time and ongoing at regular intervals? Discounts for repeat work available.

Output in virtually any file type possible

From keeping data in raw form to supplying post-processed to whatever your insurance policy requires. Almost any file type is possible.

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