CAD Surfacing

Qualified Solidworks surfacing specialist

The designs we have surfaced have led to awards. Qualified in this art. Skilled not only in Solidworks but also Geomagic Studio, Power Surfacing and Modo. Experienced in creating surfaces from 3D scan data.

Surfacing Computer Aided Design (CAD) models is a niche skill in the design world, necessary for many a project, but can sometimes be more of an art than a science. Having created hundreds of surfaces that have gone to manufacture, for everything from cars and planes to a poodle with tennis balls placed over it for a Wimbledon promotion (yes really), the experience is provable. Solidworks Advanced Surfacing Specialist examination passed.

When you have done a lot of surfacing, it is apparent that there is no defined route to a solution. Do you need a class A surface or will a quick and dirty surface suffice? Is the program you are using ideally suited to the task in hand? What data is the starting point? We can steer you through this maze and create a surface that meets your needs in the most effective way. To do this, we deploy three major programs, macros we have had developed and many, many plugins that solve specific design problems. It is not unusual to swop between three programs on a minute by minute basis to achieve a given objective or goal. Most competing businesses operate a one skill per staff member approach that requires moving work between different people leading to inefficiencies.

Retopology to your requirements is also available.

CAD surfacing experienced

Surfacing a CAD model is at the high end of CAD tasks. Being qualified and experienced in this niche discipline, 3D Engineers is ideally placed to complete your project successfully.

Post-processing point clouds

Skilled in post-processing point cloud data, instructions are translated into the most appropriate method to meet a client's requirements. Being aware of different methods and software translates into savings.

Translate your requirement to the best solution

Our knowledge translates into savings. Our best saving was 48% on the initial surfacing project projection. These savings achieved by having the experience to spot opportunities to refine the surfacing task at hand.