Experienced, data secure and fixed price

All types of military transport catered for, wherever they are on the planet. Data kept offline, and standard practice is to delete data once project completed. Any military project considered.

Scanning military items in many ways involves process and security with the ability to 3D scan being a given. Military and military suppliers are generally large organisations with rigid organisational structures. 3D Engineers is process-led and seeks projects with a supplied design brief with defined objectives of short duration. Multiple objectives can be met, however, important to note that every objective will be a duration of fewer than four weeks. Creates a focus and urgency that, coupled with fixed price quoting, brings success to a project.

Data and the computer can be, at your request, kept offline for added security. Once project completed all data can be erased, using an aggressive method, to ensure completely unrecoverable.

From the largest military truck to a single part

Military equipment is often larger than most 3D scanning companies can handle. Large data sets are not a problem for 3D Engineers. Software and technique solve these issues.

Portable equipment that comes to you

Military equipment holding areas and bases are often remote and require carrying the required scanning equipment to the subject. The scenario is not a problem. Additionally, some of 3D Engineers equipment can work off the grid.

Data kept offline as required

Respect for data security is paramount. If major companies and governments cannot keep data secure then 3D Engineers, despite taking all reasonable precautions, would consider itself vulnerable also. Therefore, all data is removed from the computer as soon as a project completed. Military projects can request isolation of computer from Internet and Wi-Fi for the duration of the project.

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