Highly Qualified

Qualifications underpin experience

One of the most highly qualified CAD providers. Most prestigious Solidworks qualification attained as well as many other achievements in engineering, design and multiple other related disciplines

3D Engineers believes that qualifications are essential to its business model. Therefore, team members have undertaken virtually every course and examination Solidworks offers including the most difficult being the Solidworks Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE) examination. Out of a total of approximately two million Solidworks users outside the Solidworks Corporation, only 0.0005% of the total have attained this level of accreditation.

The Solidworks website provides the facility to verify examination passes here and validate Solidworks certificates here.

Furthermore, have obtained Foundation Degree in Mechanical Engineering with distinction, PPL(H) helicopter licence, undertaken numerous Modo courses, Geomagic course, Faro scanning course, Surphaser 3D scanner training and an Easy Composites Carbon Composites three-day course.

Courses, as well as proving ability, also broaden the mind and enable innovation to blossom. You cannot innovate if you do not know what is possible.

Training coupled with experience and the best software and hardware creates speed. Design work that would take most people days or weeks can be undertaken and successfully completed in a fraction of the time. 3D Engineers has proved this by undertaking Solidworks speed challenges, where twelve minutes gets you to a pass with anything else being good. Average time is nine minutes per challenge for our team.

Many Examination Passes

Highly qualified in multiple CAD disciplines. Majoring on Computer Aided Design (CAD) virtually every Solidworks course and examination undertaken and passed including Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE).

Many Courses Passed

Numerous courses in other fields completed as 3D Engineers believes that curiosity breeds innovation. Courses range from learning the random, such as learning to fly a helicopter, passing PPL(H) flight test in six months, to courses on carbon fiber, 3D scanning, CAD design and visualization.

Course and Exam Passes Save You Time and Money

Being highly qualified gives clients the confidence that they are dealing with a business competent in its field, that the work will be done more effectively and often at a lower cost than businesses that have not made an effort to pay for and undertake professional training.

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