Section bucks

Numerous section bucks already created

Section bucks come under many descriptions: egg-crate, section and more. 3D Engineers' view is that the section buck enables both a non-skilled and exceptionally skilled person to create a body. Why so? Because the “egg crate” is the cheapest buck in our range and often the most suitable.

The person making your vehicle body is arguably the most important person in the design process. The body maker and client may be the same. Often, they are not. Working with the end user is critical as metal work creation is as individual as a fingerprint. A buck that works for one person may not work for another. Therefore, our design process is inclusive, and in effect, we often have two clients. The person who is paying and the person that will use our bucks.

Having extensive experience means that 3D Engineers’ bucks are designed to use the minimum amount of material, thereby reducing the cost of manufacture. A buck, placed within a 3D scene, has its suitability assessed initially by eye. Due consideration is always given to metal thickness, so you do not end up with a larger car than that with which the process started. The end product is often described as a work of art and has even been used to promote a client’s project.

Key to our way of working is that 3D Engineers does not have a metal shop. This enables us the flexibility to find the panel maker with best blend of timescale, cost and technique that suits your project. Metal workers and metalworking businesses compete for different types of work, so matching conflicting goals is essential. With many cars made by numerous people, this method is validated.

Egg Crate Bucks for New and Old Vehicles

Whether a new or old design, 3D Engineers can create a buck to fit your needs. Often using 3D scanning to capture existing shapes, and the flexibility of modern surfacing programs to make new ones, many solutions are deployed to ensure your project is a success.

Section Bucks can be Adapted to Become Hammer Form

Section bucks can be adapted to become hammer form as funding and requirements develop with your project. 3D Engineers' bucks can grow at a pace that suits you.

Experience Saves Time and Money

3D Engineers has the skills, software and hardware to complete virtually any buck and jig project. Importantly, design skills gained through experience mean that your buck will be designed to use the minimum amount of material, A by-product of this attention to design detail, being bucks described as works of art as well as in item of tooling.

Video of a Bentley Special Buck

Being Made Virtually to Test for Real World

Egg Crate Buck Assembly Video

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