Molds created using modern 3D techniques

Molds for carbon fibre, glass fibre and concrete, amongst many other materials created by award-winning and experienced 3D Design business

Designing a mold requires an understanding of the manufacturing process. For example, is the application of heat and pressure a consideration? What is the draft angle required? Will a mold design mechanically lock the part into the mold? 3D Engineers has undertaken a course in carbon fiber manufacture to understand the process first-hand and therefore ensure that the correct techniques are applied to your design. Furthermore, have also taken and passed the Solidworks Advanced Mold Tools examination to prove that the ability to utilize the correct tools and methods within the extensive Solidworks CAD armory.

The 3D Engineers working method separates Computer Aided Design (CAD) from manufacture, obtaining the best deal for both. This also applies to the manufacture of the part once the mold has been made. It is unlikely that one firm will be competitive for the complete range of processes and therefore giving you the ability to seek out the best deal for each major stage often reduces the budget required.

Menu of services available

Molds for creating different materials and designs naturally need approaching in different ways. 3D Engineers can and has created molds of many sizes and levels of complexity.

Knowledge to find best tooling manufacturer

3D Engineers does not have its own mold manufacturing facility. Rather, we have many contacts within the industry and suggest manufacturers that are suitable for your mold design.

Experience leads to your success

Having created many molds in the past, ranging from designs to create concrete garden products to car body panels, 3D Engineers' experience is a given as well as being backed up by courses and qualifications for your peace of mind.

Molds can be 3D Printed

Requirements Assessed to Ensure Correct Material and Process Chosen

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