Hammer form jigs

Multi-disciplined approach creates most effective jigs

Hammer form jigs created for everything from headlight surround detail to a complete car

Once your project moves from a one-off to low volume production, there will come the point when a hammer form buck is worth considering. It enables speedier and more consistent manufacture. Having created many hammer form bucks, 3D Engineers can meet your needs in this department. Additionally, this experience means that we can advise on how to gradually convert an egg crate buck into a hammer form or even a hybrid. This way of working enables you to manage cash flow and balance investment with demand.

Hammer form style buck designs are also suitable for hydroforming aluminum, and we have previous experience of bringing this kind of project to fruition. The result of our work is seen at Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed every year, but due to non-disclosure agreements, much of our work is unseen.

From 3D scanning to new designs

Having the ability to use many methods of varying complexity and cost ensures that 3D Engineers' clients hammer form bucks are created using the most appropriate method and not a method chosen as it is the only one available.


Hammer form bucks cost a lot more than an egg crate jig due to the materials required and machining costs. We use a variety of manufacturers depending on the size, material, timescale and goal of a project.

Experienced and qualified

As hammer form jigs are a serious investment, good design is required to ensure the design is the most effective and cost efficient for manufacture.

Hammer Form Buck Manufacture

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