Furniture both scanned, reverse-engineered and designed to your requirement

Whether 3D scanning for insurance purposes or to assist in replicating an item, 3D Engineers has the experience to complete your project

Furniture design is often greatly assisted by having 3D scan data to hand: from a large room that needs populating with furniture and therefore the space needs accurately recording, through to recording furniture itself to enable quality referencing or replication. 3D Engineers is skilled in the difficult project, projects that most 3D scanning businesses turn down, such as historic sites with no power, dark, transparent and shiny objects. Additionally, being experienced and qualified in 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) 3D Engineers can move your scan data, if required, onwards to a manufacturable 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) in whatever file format required.

Extensive experience over many projects

Whether a frame work for a bespoke kitchen unit or recording complicated carvings, 3D Engineers’ scanning ability can assist

Scan data can be developed to whatever stage you require

Scan data can be handed over in a raw state for your (CAD) staff to post-process or developed through to a finished manufacturable design

Design service available

3D Engineers can act as an interpreter to alter scans to completely new designs or vary an existing design

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