Scale Models

Experience ensures best route chosen

3D Engineers class scale models as scans that require both down and up-scaling. An incredible amount of items scanned by 3D Engineers have gone into model production with varying quantities and materials and around the world.

Creation of scale models and scaling of models to a real-world 100% scale requires the experience to ensure that the data is not collected to a level where time is wasted collecting detail that will never be used. Conversely, it also requires knowing when this extra detail is required and even when it is inadvisable to use the proposed subject as reference data. Having scanned around one hundred items from scale models to use for real-world replication to, more often, everything from trains, planes and cars all over the planet for scale model making purposes, 3D Engineers is ideally placed to complete your project.

Scaling up and down possible

Scaling up and down requires different methods and techniques to solve. Being experienced in both scenarios, 3D Engineers can reduce your scan to data suitable for small models as well as scaling up prototypes, for example, to create detail for true scale and larger than life designs

Many methods of working save money and time

Scanning is but part of a process to get a scale model into a format that meets client requirements. 3D Engineers uses many techniques to leverage your data to get a model into the scale and format required

Proven experience with industry leaders

Having worked with a model company producing multi-thousand model runs through to one-off models, 3D Engineers knows the process to get 3D scan data processed and ready to be passed on to tool makers.

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