Multiple Award Winner

Multiple prestigious awards

As qualified, experienced pioneers in our field of 3D CAD design, visualisation and 3D scanning we have picked up several prestigious awards over the last decade.

3D Engineers was winning important industry-leading awards for its work when 3D CAD outside a manufacturer was considered unlikely or some form of alchemy. The spread of years in awards proves our staying power in the form of innovation and service.

We also count as a type of award invitations to talk at important industry events. To this end, 3D Engineers has been flown to San Francisco to talk at an annual Autodesk event and invited to the CEO party, Develop 3D Live, Engineer vs Designer and important, but less well-publicised talks such as for IMechE, Aston Martin Owners Club, The Bugatti Trust (twice) and The University of Derby have also been opportunities taken up.

Awards and invitations from industry influencers re-enforce the benefits and innovation that 3D Engineers brings to this fast-moving sector.

Awards from peers

The International Historic Motoring Awards is an annual and prestigious event in London, UK. 3D Engineers is one of the few businesses to have won awards twice and been nominated three times.

Recognition for hard work and innovation

Competition is often multi-million-pound organizations with numerous employees. 3D Engineers proves that there is an alternative to the expensive overhead approach.

Endorsement through awards competition

The 2015 Octane award saw 3D Engineers beating companies including Aston Martin Works. Octane award judges are industry luminaries such as J Leno, Nick Mason and Derek Bell. The fact that the chosen judges determined 3D Engineers multiple winners is an honour.

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