3D Scanning

Work undertaken across the world by a business with the experience to know the right way to approach your project

Extensive scanning ability and experience for large and small items, using fully portable equipment, with award winning service and innovative techniques. 3D Engineers undertakes the difficult stuff as well as the easy. Dark, shiny or transparent subject? Outside with no power? Lit, unlit or in ambient light? Non-contact scanning? Equipment that requires flying to any worldwide site ? Requirement to work at your premises? Post-processing of data into a full Computer Aided Design (CAD) model? 3D Engineers has the skill, ability and equipment to solve these problems and many others that may arise; problems that would prove insurmountable for many other scanning businesses.

Possibly bizarrely for a web page entitled 3D Scanning, 3D Engineers knows from experience that an initial request to 3D laser scan, once analysed, often results in an alternative solution being proposed. Having skills outside the scanning field ensures that our clients are not forced down a particular path, but are rather recommended, and can then choose, the most appropriate route. Whatever option is selected, 3D Engineers provides the professional solution. There is a reason why 3D Engineers does not have scanning or CAD in its name.

If 3D Scanning proves to be the best route, 3D Engineers has a range of equipment available to ensure your project is completed successfully. This is key to best practice in this field: you would not expect a carpenter to turn up simply with just a single set of chisels, for example. Likewise, 3D scanning cannot be successfully carried out with only one scanner and skill set available. 3D scanning is one element of a process that leads to your required goal. 3D Engineers can guide you through this process choosing the best techniques, equipment and software on the way.

Timelapse Video of a 3D Scan

Beaulieu timelapse 3D scanning of four land speed record cars

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