Consumer Products

From as large as a house to as small as a toy car. Most consumer projects catered for.

Covering the complete gamut of consumer products, 3D Engineers has extensive experience in this area

Perhaps the most diverse area of the 3D Engineers website, with 3D scanning and scan data processed for everything from a cello to a coffin. It is normal for there to be many possible ways to take this information into a finished Computer Aided Design (CAD) ready to be made. Therefore, choosing the correct scanning equipment, scan resolution, surface quality and method to get your project to its end goal is essential to success. Having extensive experience and an award-winning service brings your project with 3D Engineers to a superb conclusion. Data can be supplied in most digital file formats. Liaising with manufacturers is also undertaken if required.

Extensive experience of converting scans to a real-world product

Whether you are a model firm requiring source data for realistic reference material in 3D, or someone who has hand-created a concept that you need to move into a CAD environment, 3D Engineers has the scanning ability to help.

Multi-thread approach ensures most effective method chosen

Having access to a number of 3D scanners, and the ability to mix and match other methods, 3D Engineers has a solution to most 3D scanning projects.

Retopology of scan data catered for

To use scan data for game assets or CAD requires point cloud data to be made into a polygon surface and then retopologised. 3D Engineers can handle the retopology for you in most cases.

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