Reverse Engineering Known Cars

One picture was enough to solve this vehicle design

Working from just one image, Cad Car's investigative skills and widespread knowledge of cars helped find and 3D scan original parts, which, when combined with imagery, enabled the car to be visualized photo-realistically and finally, blueprints to be created.

The Blue Car Project came about from many long running threads on car websites. Over several years many answers came to nothing, and it appeared, and in fact to this day remains, a vehicle that nobody knows the answer as to the designer, owner and whether it still exists. CAD Car took on the challenge and within a few weeks solved the car design in terms of size. The actual car we believe to be a Sunbeam Alpine based vehicle, but still there is no conclusive proof. Getting to completion of the design required skills in finding rare parts, 3D scanning, camera matching and moving between several computer programs with a high level of skill and knowledge.

One picture, in one book and not knowing if the car still exists

Taking a single image from 1962 through to a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) design for an (incomplete) vehicle that many car forums, in several countries, had tried to find and that had created many hundreds of posts with suggestions. All these suggestions proved fruitless.

Many techniques combine to solve this enigma

So how to solve this problem? The answer was using four major programs, all of which required a high level of skill. With parts of the vehicle identified, 3D laser scanning was undertaken to create reference material for use in the whole.

3D visualisations and plans created

After a considerable amount of work, photo-realistic designs, along with plans, have been created. This vehicle design could now proceed to the real world, yet still, the creator and car remain elusive.

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