Walk Throughs, Visuals & Panoramic Camera

Visualization in many ways

Visualizations and animations of point cloud data. The 360-degree panoramic camera allows production of interactive tours, colorization of scan data and the ability to create seamless HDR high-resolution images.

Visualization options are many and varied, covering video, panoramic photography for HDR global illumination, colorization of point cloud data, animation of point clouds, animation of CAD data, rendered products visualized photo-realistically, a video created using Hollywood quality software, dynamic walk throughs, interactive tours and much else.

3D Engineers has already created all the above and is therefore well-equipped to complete your product visualization needs.

Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities have most recently been added to our portfolio of services. VR allows a more natural visualization experience.

Once again, investment in hardware and software pays off in improved quality alongside time and cost savings.

Bluebird CN7 land speed record car cockpit photography

Interactive museum tour – Beaulieu museum

Interactive video – Business promotion opportunities

360-degree panoramic camera

Specialist equipment is available for creating your own 360 degrees panoramic High Dynamic Range (HDR) images to assist visualization of virtual designs as well as interactive tours.

Colorization of point cloud data

Some scanning equipment captures point clouds in color, but the result is often less than satisfactory. It also increases the scan time and therefore cost. The 3D Engineers method massively reduces the time to capture color and therefore saves clients’ money.

Animations & interactive walkthroughs possible

Whether you are a museum, require interactive visuals for health and safety recording purposes, site recording or many of its other uses, 3D Engineers can assist.

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