Bespoke Vehicle Designs

Selling British Computer Aided Design to the World

Experienced, with many designs already made or in production. Multiple articles in Octane Magazine and featured on front cover of The Automobile.

All 3D Engineers designs can move from the virtual to the real world. There are, of course, innumerable designs on the web that are truly fantastic. However, most lack real-world dimensions, the detail required for production, any attempt to meet legislative requirements for road use and the class of surfacing required to turn a concept to reality. And then the thorny issue of tooling for production crops up.

3D Engineers would encourage you to watch the slideshow on this page to prove that the designs created have made it into reality and are worthy enough to be reported on by the most prestigious of automotive magazines.

What you see is a tiny fraction of the output over the last decade. Original, historically sympathetic or faithful re-creations of cars are all possible.

It is also possible to place a “virtual human” within your car, tailored to your size,┬áto check the fit.

Classic car body buck animation of 3D Engineers design

Concurrent Engineering

Combining techniques and methods in parallel reduces project completion times. Our multi-disciplined approach reduces lead times, adds flexibility and creates a more cohesive design process.

Unlimited Design Changes

Every project starts with a comprehensive design brief, which then gives 3D Engineers the confidence to offer unlimited design changes until you, the client, are happy. Essentially, projects have a refinement loop that creates a focus on the best design solution.


Innovation is at the forefront of 3D Engineers' business philosophy and thus enables hitherto impossible dreams to become a reality. Innovation is a mindset that starts with curiosity and inquisitiveness. These attributes are in 3D Engineers' DNA.

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