Bucks for sale

3D Engineers' buck designs now available to buy

Classic and original automotive car buck designs available to buy for your project

Primarily for tooling, but also enjoyed and appreciated as an art installation and available in many scales, 3D Engineers has created many, many bucks and with this experience know what works and what doesn’t. A model may help you decide as a first step too.

The bucks as offered in the shop will work as assembled, but if your body maker has any special requirements, then please get in touch, and we can quote for additional features.

3D Engineers is patriotic about the United States of America and can imagine that if not from the USA you are patriotic about your own country too. If being delivered abroad, normal practice is to try and get manufactured in your locality. Therefore, your buck is in effect made in your country and supports your economy.

It is important to stress that all bucks for existing cars are created from 3D scans of an actual car. Not a model and not a replica or re-creation, but the actual car that the buck is designed to create bodywork for. Once you have finished making a body, many previous clients have used the buck as an art installation at their premises or to take to shows to promote their business.

Using a buck saves money time after time: It reduces guesswork, gives the metal worker an aid to manufacture that pictures simply cannot achieve and project lead times are reduced. Quality increases. There is no requirement for you to take time out to design and manufacture your buck and therefore the metal working process can start much sooner. Your project finishes sooner. You get paid sooner. Many win-win scenarios.

Payment can be made in virtually any currency and also by Bitcoin.

Bucks for many cars available

Bucks are available for everything from a Ferrari 250 GTO to an Aston Martin Zagato and from a modern, unique 3D Engineers car design to a thirties convertible design.

Proven to work

Having created many bucks and jigs for numerous car types and from hammer form to egg crate designs, both we and our clients know that our bucks work.

Manufactured and delivered worldwide

Most currencies accepted including Bitcoin. Manufacture is normally in the country of delivery. Assembly can also be included at your location for many parts of the world.

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