Thousands of parts and numerous car designs created

Multiple award-winning Computer Aided Design (CAD) service, a world first complete classic Grand Prix car created in CAD and have worked all over the planet on numerous prestigious projects.

Over the past fifteen years CAD Car has innovated continuously within the rapidly evolving 3D CAD design world. Having won awards, had work featured in promotional material by software providers, and frequently garnered positive press coverage, CAD Car’s business process led view has translated into many successful projects.

The Bugatti Type 35 project alone involved translating hundreds of plans in a foreign language into CAD designs. Separately, each body buck has numerous parts all with tolerances tuned to enable the best fit possible.

Having been presented with an enormous amount of design and engineering problems, CAD Car has built up experience in solutions to many different and sometimes quite challenging issues. The ability to use a multi-disciplined approach adds value to every project undertaken.

Our founder has assisted the University of Derby by lecturing on Solidworks for their Mechanical Engineering Degree.

Our competition generally quotes low hourly rates that often add up to more than a fixed price due to inexperience and use of inappropriate hardware and software. Experience gives CAD Car the confidence to quote a fixed price.

Skilled With Multiple CAD Software

CAD design cannot be done effectively with just one piece of software. Molding and blending different processes, CAD Car provides the best solutions for our clients.

Innumerable Parts Created

Skill and speed achieved through experience. Have created thousands of parts and completed hundreds of projects, of which this website shows a small selection. Credentials proved by vast experience in this niche area.

Experience Saves Money

#1 Several classic car parts required reverse engineering. Suggested non-scanning method saving 73% of the cost.
#2 Ferrari jig required. Our processes and contacts saved the client 67% on the initial method suggested by body maker.

Complete 3D Scan to CAD Process Covered

Cars Were the Start. We Now Scan and CAD Most Items