Van Ply-lining

All van types catered for

Any size of the commercial vehicle can be 3D Scanned. Fleet and regular 3D scanning discounts available. Worldwide service. Can take your scan through to manufacturable plywood design.

With van designs changing frequently, updating your ply lining requirements is essential. With portable equipment, 3D Engineers can record the data required away from your and our sites. Multiple load bays recorded in a day. Having award-winning Computer Aided Design (CAD) experience the data collection phase of your project, the 3D scanning, can be carried through to a plywood layout, ready for manufacture to your required design. If required, supplied CAD data, perhaps from the manufacturer, can be converted into your van lining design. 3D Engineers do not undertake manufacture, but having many contacts within the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) world, we can supply recommendations to assist.

Discounts for repeat work and fleets

Repeat custom is respected and valued. Significant discounts for loyal clients are available. Actively, seeking fleet work. Minor changes quoted a fixed price.

Can scan more than one load area within day rate

Having multiple types of 3D scanning equipment available, and a streamlined scanning process, it is possible to scan multiple load bays in a day.

Can develop into manufacturable ply layout

A 3D laser scan is one part of the design process. To get a plywood set of panels created requires scan post-processing, CAD skills and knowledge of plywood manufacture including file types required.

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