Extensive experience with a variety of scanning equipment available to suit most scenarios. 3D Engineers come to you.

Award winning service with many vehicles 3D scanned including seaplanes, classic planes, many of the rarest cars in the world, trucks, interiors as large as superyachts, trains, motorbikes, helicopter, recumbent motorbikes, military vehicles, traction engine, biplane, carriages, buses and coaches. Have not scanned a tank but am sure will happen one day and would not be a problem to do.

With 3D laser scans completed of many things, from the small size of a bubble car to large seaplanes and everything in-between, 3D Engineers’ experience is a given. 3D Engineers solves the difficult stuff including shiny, transparent, dark-in-colour scanning subjects and no available power scenarios. From scanning outside to the most rarefied of scenarios such as a collection, 3D Engineers has dealt with them all successfully. These are all problems that have been overcome in the past successfully, but that would prove impossible for many scanning businesses. Having superb software and equipment, backed up by awards, experience and relevant qualifications ensures that 3D Engineers can tackle your project with enthusiasm and confidence. The portable equipment allows 3D scanning at airfields, in an aircraft hangar, racetrack or railway station, to give just a few examples.

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