Scans for Sale

From car chassis through to jewellery and buildings, many scans are available

As well as undertaking work for clients we have also a large database of work undertaken on our own account selectively offered for sale

Since its beginning over a decade ago, 3D Engineers has scanned many hundreds of items. A fraction of these are undertaken on our own account or have been purchased from the original client for the data. This information is now being offered for sale. Also now available is a comparison service to enable the owners of similar items, such as an Aston Martin DB5 or Zagato, to compare their vehicle and see how close it is to a known original car. Files can be supplied in many formats. Comparisons are supplied as colour comparison charts within agreed limits. Multi limit graphs can be supplied on request.

Only scans that we have Intellectual Property (IP) for are offered for sale

The vast majority of the scans we have undertaken are the IP of the person/business that asked 3D Engineers to undertake the work. However, over the last decade and more, scan data has been collected on our own account and is now being offered for sale.

Data provided in most formats. Your choice.

Raw 3D scan data can be provided in many formats. On purchase you can specify format required.

Data supplied on single use basis

The IP for the scan data remains with 3D Engineers. Resale is not permitted.

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