Scanning Equipment Hire

Equipment comes with an operator and is available for use almost anywhere

Should your project require 3D scan data only, with post-process and/or Computer Aided Design (CAD) undertaken by yourself, then why not hire our equipment to capture the required information?

You may be skilled – or have access to the skills – to post-process and/or develop scan point-cloud data into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) 3D model. The element missing is a 3D scanning system. 3D Engineers can solve this problem by supplying the scanning equipment, along with an operator, to wherever you are in the world. Pricing is competitive and having access to a range of systems provides the data most appropriate to your need, avoiding you having to invest in the equipment and software that lies behind an otherwise effective operation. Equipment is regularly calibrated. 3D Engineers prides itself on being able to work at short notice and on occasion overnight to fulfil your needs.

Hiring enables you to complete projects that are otherwise impossible to undertake

Renting 3D scanning equipment allows you to get to a starting point with your project without extensive capital investment.

Data can be supplied raw or to whatever level of post-processing required

By definition being provided with a scan requires you to have the skill and software to move the data onwards to your required deliverable. If you only feel comfortable having data that is post-processed to a defined level, this can be agreed at the outset.

Equipment goes to the subject to be scanned

From the next town to literally the other side of the planet, and everywhere in between, 3D Engineers' scanning equipment is portable and can, in some cases, even be used with no immediate power supply. Flexibility is key and solves your 3D scanning requirement.

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